Windows 10 Mobile Review

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Our review of Windows 10 Mobile:

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H Alh says:

But does it play Resident Evil 7? 😂😂

NiCoo Schmidt says:

windows phone.. what a pathetic disgrace.. you cant even call this crap a OS in comparison with IOS and Android

Luck Lucky says:

BLJAK….. Ugly as hell….

JR Nelson says:

I have windows phone

Josip Andy Eshegovich says:

I love it when I watch a review and become pleasantly surprised by the reviewer's music taste 🙂

VacancyJB says:

the theme must be black and white? is there any option to change the background to white color, and black font color?

bluescluessuperagent says:

Best part of the video, the dude reads Dresden Files by Jim Butcher

Steve H says:

less colorful that's for sure

Marco Maspero says:

wait a second how can a browser NOT have back and forth buttons

IamDexter says:

video to photo isn't working after update. Please say how to make it work again

Andrei Predescu says:

But it's still not a worthy update to what we used to know as Windows Mobile in my opinion.

hakamy5 says:

Circular contact photo really doesn't suit live tiles.

Κατσαρό Πιρούνι says:

this was pathetic.

Erik Brown says:

I love Windows 10 Mobile! It would be great to have it on a phone that can handle it for the new year! Thanks!

Jarvis Brooks says:

I already love win 10, I could just imagine it on mobile.

Spiros Mixailidis says:

Which phone is that?

Tiktok Toyatoya says:

@Abhijit Jayakumar National epidemic of India now takes to online forums too.

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