Worst Game of 2017? – Mega Man Mobile Review | RGT 85

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Mega Man Mobile has just hit iOS and Android devices, and it looks like Capcom forgot how to do Mega Man. What could have been a nice little diversion for Mega Man fans instead becomes quite possibly the worst game of 2017. Find out why Mega Man Mobile misses the mark!

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sexmachine-Stay on the scene says:

Megaman nes series are the best on a NES controller, maybe a s-nes to. I even dislike the 3-ds, the buttons are to small and not clickie or how you call it.

Badre Bally says:

The sad thing there are good games made for the Android and IOS that are made by independent developers like the MCD (I don't think I got that right) Wrestling games

Alisa Ginger says:

Hello! I'm just learning and this is my first android game. I did it almost by myself! Only my brother helped a little with the drawings. It's called "Brick Duel" on Google Play. What do you think about it? Leave your comments, please

Proxni work says:

fuck You Mega man (6)Mobile ist so awsome

Troller Plays Games says:

Quit Bitchin

Mitch Brew says:

Eh ur opinion

Alex The Cat says:

try mobizen Samsung it's free

also if I make mobile games like a megaman inspired game but as a girl ((don't worry I'm not just genderswaping)) with a lot of other additional Features?

Crazy Joe says:

I've got a nimbus Bluetooth controller whitch make mobile gaming Wa

handheldgamer 78 says:

you are right I have megaman legacy on 3ds its awesome its like he said megaman its about precision and mobile gaming the have to be simple not to complicate d .

Mega Madd says:

i did the same thing with metalslug on mobile and it was just as bad

Ragnar Ahlman says:

I have never heard of this game. Lol

Daniel J says:

Have some fun with the yellow devil…

A Cheeseless Noodle says:

Super Fighting Robot HES A MEGAMAN (Mobile)

Brandon x22 says:

It can't be the worst game of 2017, all it needs is an update 🙂

Carlo Nassar says:

If you did this on a iPad, you'd probably find it easier to do it because you could use all 3 fingers at once to find it easier to jump and shoot. Overall, terrible framerate!

John Sledge says:

I made my own version of MegaMan 1-6 on iOS just by using open source emulator cores off the internet, and it works MILES better than Capcom's!!

I'm only 15 and I made a better port than Capcom. Something is seriously wrong here.

Seriously, WTF Capcom.

スチールブラックソーラ X says:

It was your fuck up for researching and watching a damn video and still fucking downloading. And there is definitely some amazing games on mobile.

Asaru Hotep says:

rockbot is a fan made game and its 10,00 times better

Spiritzer Pain says:

Ill rather buy a rope for 10-12$ and hang myself than play those games on IOS or Android.

Josh P says:

bruh capcom is still trying to ruin mega man

The TOS -1 says:

I remember there was a great mega man 2 port that was removed from mobile

Jakub GKala says:

sega at least tries something new not always the Best but still and what does capcom do they take anniversary collection take 7 and 8 power fighters and battle port it on 3ds added some features after that Legacy collection back to single games with out ability to play with controller

WSRainer says:

If the game controls can't let jump and shoot properly, then it's not Jumpn'shootman, as simple as that.

Geometry Flow says:

This game is awesome whatchu guys talkin about???

deathcrustpunk says:

oh yeah, keeping the memory of IG alive

what's poppin says:

the game looks like a game you would see on a flip phone

Marcos Galvis says:

this game was for the 30th anniversary, Capcom… You stupid son of a bitches you already tried with mobile games and they failed so badly, and don´t think that TV series would save you, WE WANT A MEGAMAN ON A FUCKIN CONSOLE, MAYBE SWITCH DANGIT, hey let go help Inafuene and Beck to control Capcom and bring MegaMan back (Not saying that Mighty No. 9 is an horrible game, its a good game)

Megamanmaster 85 says:

Ah well, I bought it anyway. I'm a whore for this series.

Ben Reay says:

And, of course, they took the GOOD port of mega man 2 off of the App Store, screw you too Capcom!

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