Worst PHONE I’ve Used?! – Kodak Ektra Review

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The Kodak Ektra is NOT a good phone. Here’s why. Please leave a like, comment and subscribe if you enjoyed the video.

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Canoopsy says:

This phone especially at its $400 – $500 price tag, is totally not worth it. Everything about the phone is very subpar, and while the camera is pretty okay on this device, the experience isn’t great. A phone is about the experience more than anything. It can have the best specifications, design and camera, but if the cumulative experience is trash, there’s no point in buying it. If this phone were cheaper or they fixed a lot of the issues regarding speed, build, software and some of the camera issues, it’d be worth a look. But in this current stage, there’s no reason to buy this.

RUS says:

No. 3: If you like Kodak and feel nostalgic when you are holding a Kodak equipment.

Kicstar V says:

2 minutes in the video and i couldn't take it anymore. 😭😭. how can a $400 be this bad.

Wei-Ming Wong says:

First Robert Glasper, then Christian Scott, now this jazz joint. Can we geek out to tech and music at the same time pls.

Tim McGovern says:

"why did kodak make a phone?"
I guess he was just excited to be out of jail.

…I'm not funny.

Rohit Dhyani says:

not looks so good

Pranay Pathole says:

But seriously Deca-core processor?

but hey Awesome one dude🔥😍

KDCloudy says:

Brilliant video man!

those burger and fries really made me hungry :3

Tyler Miller says:

Was this a sponsored video? 😂

Tyler Miller says:

yeah that is pretty bad.


nothing good

random mode on says:

are you a part of the illuminati😵 ?

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