Xiaomi Mi 6 Review: The Sub-$450 Flagship Phone

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Xiaomi Product Center: https://goo.gl/Tu9oEe


Filip B says:

Too long video.

JustStat says:

Lets hope that the real MI6 isn't listening in lol.

San Mattew says:

This is imo the best phone. its price is perfect for what you get. The only thing i would like is if they put an amoled display instead of ips

Vishnu Prasad says:

what about protrait mode on camera
and video capabilities

potato911 says:

Xiaomi's reserving their "near bezel-less" concept onto the Mi Mix 2, which is, technically an even higher tier-ed flagship model.
I personally feel that what the Mi 6 offers at the price point is more than enough to beat the other android flagships.

But taking out the 3.5mm and the memory expansion is a turn off for me. It's almost as identical to what Apple's doing.
Not good.

ZiisusChrist says:

Does it have good translations in Finnish?

SJ says:

I got my s8 for £450 😁

PainCake1337 says:

I'm mister Mi 6 look at me !

Ben Willock says:

Reminds me of the oneplus 3, the front at least.

Squiggleblorg says:

I love Gearbest, been buying stuff from there for ages

Sean Tiu says:


Magnificent VR says:

That subscriber count tho, so cringy !!!

ZiisusChrist says:

This would be awesome phone if it had good custom rom support on xda, but i don't see that happening.
That would be the best phone for it's size, but the stock Xiaomi rom is not for me. I wan't cleaner.

Vishnu Prasad says:

Xiaomi is one of the best brands in India
and stock run out so quickly that u have to wait week or two to buy there devices​

Supra Man says:

xiaomi is One of the best smartphone manifacturer

Dankerino Nicherino says:

Xiaomi are killing it in the phone industry at the moment.

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