Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X Review | almost the perfect midrange phone

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Review: Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X
Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X: https://goo.gl/zGxc2g

00:33 Design
02:18 Display
03:10 Sound
04:03 Performance
05:39 Battery
06:44 Software
08:08 Camera
10:06 Pros & Cons
11:19 Conclusion

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Philip Harris says:

Just something I've noticed on most of your phone reviews, the camera samples that you take aren't outside at night. Would it help if you take some in the dark? The daylight shots are good however and I appreciate you taking pics of the same subject so we have a fair comparison to other phones.
Night-time shots would show people how good the phone camera is in the dark.
BTW really like your vids man.

Senad Tokic says:

I got mine in Friday. It has Sony sensor on back camera. For this price this phone is awesome. Thanks for help to choose this device Damir 🙂

TheAlfador says:

this phone or the honer 8 lite (p8 lite 2017, gr3 2017)

ichdichhasserwasser says:

watching it on my 2 just received 4x's

Vesna Stojanovic says:

How are cameras compared to p10 lite,especially front cam ?
im in dillema what to buy

Adrian Nicolae says:

i like that u buyed the black version.I don't know why but black models xiaomi not many people see it except mi note 2 and mi mix.Sorry if my english is bad 🙁

Dani Rachmanto says:

Hey i just want your opinion, between this redmi note 4x and moto z play, which one will you choose and why?
Really a great review tho👍

Mr. High Guy says:

Which one is better the Lenovo P2 or the Xiaomi 4X?

DzoNy says:

Xiaomi mi5s or Galaxy S6 or a5 2016? Camera and Battery(SOT 3,5-5H) is most important.
P.S. you are the best smartphone reviewer, i really like you 🙂

Padre says:

Your uploading allot these days.

Suheyb ᾏ. says:

this phone is almost the best midranger ? then what is the best midranger sir?? The all time legend P9 Lite ? 😅😍

Z156 S says:

this one or Huawei p9 lite (p10 lite)
and did you install manualy Nougat 7.0?

kowal116 says:

Any plans for Xiaomi Mi5c review :)?

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