XREXS 40 Watt 5 Port USB Phone Tablet Charger Review

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This 40W charger from XREXS can charge up to 5 USB devices simultaneously. Overall build quality is better than most other chargers within this price range and it feels structurally sound enough to be thrown into a backpack and forgotten about. The unit is capable of outputting a little over 2.5A per USB port and it can handle a load up to 40W ( a little under 2A per port). Unfortunately this charger seems to be lacking overload protection, I would like to see this feature implemented in the near future.

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TragestyX says:

There are devices that can do that. So thumbs down for that.

Alter Schwede says:

New video, fine! I'm a ThinkPad-Fan and like your videos about the old ThinkPads – please more of them! 😉 And your ultimate Laptop Dockingstation Build inspires me to do the same today! Greetings from Vienna/Austria!

Faze Snow says:

Could u help me install android on a dell dimension 2400

FubarMike says:

is it quick charge compatible?


dude can you make that video about the dell 530s i really want to see it!

Faze Snow says:

Why haven't u been uploading

Tech Skits says:

This was posted 41 minutes ago but I just go the notification now but cool vid

Jadon1734RBLX says:

you have a s4 thats a really old phone

Kyle Barwise says:

I love your videos and I subscribed can you make more garage sale finds

TSS NCS says:

hey, nice vid!

Poodl says:

w h y a m i w a t c h i n g t h i s ?

Rigoberto l 14RChico says:

Will u review cheap Laptop Fans cause I'm in the market for one that can cool my laptop cause Minecraft sometimes lags while playing cause it overheats

SteveMC Gaming says:

drop it off the top of your house LOL

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i like the videos

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Im not tired of those reviews

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