Yotaphone 2 Review!

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The Yotaphone 2 is one of the most unique smartphones ever made, and features a rear E-Ink display! Check out our full review!

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mohammad ghunaim says:

can you use WhatsApp and Facebook on the e ink screen ??

Umer Iqbal says:

how to install play store on this phone?

Maxim Mee says:

why did it bomb ?

Gavla Tennis says:

Such an interesting phone!

‍1marcelfilms says:

should i buy this to replace my s3 mini?

Aaditya Shrivastava says:

Query for buying a smartphone
Sir I am Aaditya and I am looking for a smartphone in 15-20 k INR range.
I follow your channel regularly and I like all your videos.
I want something unique and different. Which is different from all the other almost same smartphone out there in the market.
What about LG G Flex 2.
I am ready to back a startup as well.
And is yotaphone 2 worth buying now in 2017
So reply soon.
Thank you.

Happy Serdan says:

where can i buy this phone in 2017 for cheap?

Frank Park says:

Very nice detailed review. Thanks!

Knowledge Tree says:

does the back screen or e- ink display works after the battery is dead

Pete Coventry says:

£555! Just got one for £80!

Otimo says:

I just wish it had a micro sd card

Tanmay Luthia says:

so you are ash Taylor ???……

James Slaughter says:

the body around the phone remind me of Metro phones

ABKG258 says:

Hi there. I just saw your review on the Yotaphone 2. It was very informative. Since I am interested in buying one of these, I just want to know, will it be able to install many applications and not freeze as I have a Galaxy S3 mini and Facebook keeps crashing on that. In other words, does the phone lag when you have many applications on it? I am interested in the CPU and RAM that Yotaphone 2 has. I hope you can answer me. Thanks
Best Regards

Abdul Asamad says:

Yotaphone 2 2GB RAM 32GB ROM Smartphone
Here it's for 113.99 $
I hope this will help you

Nasir khan says:

can one tell me is this the best phone

Nasir khan says:

can one tell me is this the best phone

Papyrus Senpai says:

can this run android marshmellow?

Matejko MC workington says:

Which sim this accepts ? micro nano or larger ?

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