ZTE AXON 7 “Real Review” The Best $400 Phone?

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ZTE AXON 7 “Real Review” The Best $400 Phone?
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The Best sounding and listening smartphone with hifi audio – highest Quality sound reproduction and amplification of music/video playback and record.
• Optimized Camera experience takes great still images and video W minimal manual operation – larger Camera, 20 MP rear and 8 MP Front facing cameras, for higher Quality images
• Fingerprint customization – launching apps, taking pictures for security and to launch other application
• Beautiful Industrial design with continuous smooth Surface that feels great in your hands
• 3250 mAh battery with Qualcomm quick charge 3.0, Expandable memory Android M (6.0.1), Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 Processor


Ken Shea says:

Great review
What is ION blaster,ah listened again IR blaster LOL now I know what it is.?

Garett says:

still upset at myself for selling my Axon 7. I did it because I was able to get $350 for it because of the dbrand skins, screen protector, cases and a Google daydream that I included.

The second reason I decided to sell it was because I was able to get the Moto G5plus (64gb/4GbRAM) for $150 on accomidation. I figured the Moto would be a good placeholder phone while I wait until I get a deal on the galaxy S8. the G5+ is no comparison.

You can easily tell the difference between a true Flagship (ZTE Axon 7) and a high end midrange with mid to flagship specs (G5+). My G5+ shattered the second day I had it. The physical durability of the Axon is superior to say the least. luckily my work was willing to swap out my shattered device for a new one.

I am considering getting a new axon 7 (possibly the 6GB RAM variety) as long as it works on Verizon. It's funny how all your gripes with the Axon 7 were fixed with software updates. THE BEST PHONE I HAVE EVER OWNED…..

I want my beauty back! I wanna drop my micro SD in that slut! The way the axon feels in the hand is like an extension of my body, DreamWorks (designers of BMW's) nailed it's design right down to the dual stereo speaker sound bars and near bezeless design. (I'd rather take the 70% screen to body ratio with the real estate actually being used like the speaker on the axon as opposed to a phone like the LG6 with wasted space like a stupid branding logo contraindicating it's design of near zero bezel).

This comment written on a Google Pixel XL, the second best Android I've owned, and the ugliest (before I modded it heavily with dbrand skins and colored tempered glass).

Serj Star says:

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Serj Star says:

I can't believe htc 10 is soon expensive for what it is they thinking honestly make awesome phone put a decent price tag make alot of those bring back boom sound . I feel like they're being stupid they're just running around non know what people want and I got a pick email up by the balls and tell bro look around u make something people will want around u for less that's your best option left to be standing is be a midrange beast up until u get ur shit together

Serj Star says:

the idol 4s u get barely anything from thr back

Serj Star says:

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Serj Star says:

yeah the force how much money is that

Ace says:

Awesome video Flossy. It's incredible how much you covered in it. I especially like how honest you are for example how you said the cons first. I'm sure you always help people decide what they want to buy. You always impress me. Thank you.

Javier Hidalgo says:

one of the reasons why I like your reviews – you are good at convincing. I bought the phone after you explained the specs and why you thought it was the best budget phone on the market. Plus I'm a music junky and that along with the QHD display and explanation, it was a major win. Still rocking it and hopefully looking at their next Axon soon.


great video as ever Floss, I trust your review of audio quality and such over anyone's on YouTube. 🎧

Zeeshhh says:

11:10 'Micro SD slut'? xD

Pete Thomas says:

Best review. long, but covers everything people care about. do different phones have better range for rural areas.

Doreen Fenstermacher says:

Oh shit guys. Great price here – it's for 379.99 USD with coupon code: ZAXON7
I hope it will be useful

jorjolas25 says:

Does anyone know if they fixed the sprint issue?

kidbeast says:

floss can you do a follow up review after the nougat update please?

Lucas and Pikachu says:

shit shower and shave XD

Mark Johnson says:

You can turn that notification bell off

Martin Felix says:

"everytime i say #$400 lets have a drink" way ahead of that right now fam

Martin Felix says:

yoooo at "8:52" these are the worldstar phones lololololololool
Floss you are a real one man. This is one of many reasons i watch your review vids FIRST AND ONLY!!!!! OVER EVERYONE ELSE FAM. THANKS

mikefly562 says:

I have the Axon 7 with newly released Nougat 7.1.1, and it's a great phone! My only complaint is indoor photo shots sometimes come out with a lot of noise on the pictures, but overall, it's a great phone, especially for $400.

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