ZTE Axon 7 Review: The phone which broke our music test…

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The ZTE Axon is an absolute monster looking at the specs. From the Qualcomm 820, to the 64GB of built in storage, there are precious few compromises one might make in picking this phone over more expensive options. The most exciting development might just be the headphone audio, which completely broke how we test playback quality. You’ll have to see it to believe it. Here’s our full review of this $400 beast.

Axon 7 Real Camera Review https://youtu.be/Un0FJCYKTcM


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Domi0404 says:

What stylus do you use?

Barret Ghislain says:

Excellent review.

My_Name_Is_Xeno _ says:

He said mega pickle 😂😂😂

Nic says:

ZTE never claimed 80% charge in 30 minutes, they claimed 60%, so the AXON 7 did even better than what they claimed…

ninaiva6 says:

Hi. I bought ZTE Axon 7 for Chinese market. I can't record or post Instagram story or upload or post a video. The same problem is with Facebook's "My day". Also my mobile phone says that my softver is out of date and I can't install the new softver. I have 6.0.1 Android version. I live in Croatia (EU). Do you know how can I fix this?

itachi uchiha says:

This beats apple any day in my opinion, only because android never forces you to update your phone unlike apple does. 10/10 review great job.

Robert Clark says:

OK. so I got one… lol. Nice so far…

F!RESKY says:

Anyone else heard him say MegaPickle

Br0xstarr says:

Huh, pretty coincidental that I'm upgrading from my broken HTC One M8 to the Axon 7. Can't wait for mine to come in on the 28th.

Digestive Biscuit says:

Excellent review. Good presentation style and level of detail.

Theawesomegamer 64 says:

8 megapickle front camera lol

Romeo Maharjan says:


Emiliyan Yankov says:

Designed in the USA (by HTC), that's a MegaPickle right there! :}

Czek says:

please stop saying megapickles…

bikertod says:

is this phone available for Verizon?thanks

That Guy says:

As much music as I listen to and YouTube I watch, the Axon 7 makes it reeeeeally hard to go to a phone with lesser audio capabilities.

Romeo Manuel N. Silva says:

Any solutions to that down sampling they mentioned?

Sayeed Mohammed says:

Enjoy them pickles!!! 👍

Gershon Dharmanandan says:

Audio VS the V20?

Robert Clark says:

I might grab the 6 gigs ram 128 variant.

Flare says:

Lol "8 megapickle"

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