ZTE MAX XL: How’s life on a $100 phone?

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The ZTE MAX XL is not a flagship. In a world where mid-rangers often times offer a competitive alternative, the ZTE MAX XL is not even that.
So, how’s life on a budget phone? The ZTE MAX XL costs little under $100 and for that price you can’t expect stellar specs. However, what can you expect from a budget phone like this? Check out our video and see if the ZTE MAX XL could be good enough to become your daily driver in today’s fast-paced world!


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Mark Seto says:

it's camera looms good

Carla A. says:

new guy 👍👍

Austin Higley says:

I watched this on my zmax xl😁

XSportSeeker says:

100 bucks for something that works as well as this? This is basically the end of terrible low end phones.

Colin Taylor says:

A welcome contributor to the pocketnow folks and shows promise.

Some suggested adding music to the video – forget that. Not only is a distraction but also a lot more editing work.

DiceKey says:

so now they have a guy who sounds like someone from news, a guy who knows his things and this guy who sounds casual and talks like a casual consumer


tony tech says:

you only get 7 internal storage you get supposed to get 16 gig storage

Felipe Diez says:

100? wow great price it seems like its a pretty decent phone

You Cantseemyname says:

It's a lower version if the ZMAX Pro

Jesse Ling says:

Is the Snapdragon 435 in this better worse or the same as the 617 in say the ZMax Pro?

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