ZTE ZMax Pro Review: An amazing phone for $99, but with one fatal flaw

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Read more: http://9to5google.com/2016/08/01/review-zte-zmax-pro-is-an-amazing-phone-for-99-but-with-one-fatal-flaw-video/ Earlier this month ZTE caught everyone just a bit off guard by announcing the ZTE ZMax Pro, a brand new affordable smartphone that cost just $99. With a price so low, there had to be some major compromise, and I’ve spent the past couple of weeks trying to find it, so here’s what I’ve found.


Mackley mango says:

mine was 500

Michael Govine says:

I will send you an the next day

nismo armada says:

which one you think is better zte or lg aristo ?

nismo armada says:

t mobile has them too

Brysen knight says:

That's what im getting

Oxovi ツ says:

I was debating if I should upgrade my Samsung Galaxy Prevail to a ZTE, after watching this video, I'm positive I'll upgrade it to a ZTE

Sour Truth says:

Horrible review. Subjective at best.

ivory bella says:

can i use this phone overseas?

ann468 xbox says:

whats a good camera quality

West Chronicles says:

man F**K this review!! the phone is awesome everyone!!!

Dan Brad Castañeda says:

Are you sure the orange metallic is not rose gold?

Darkore64 Art says:

Not fatal flaw to me cause im Metro PCS.

Terry Snoddy says:

im watching on a zte zmax pro

Edgar simplemente Edgar says:

t mobile has it now I just got mine 3days ago for 138$ and it's a great phone for the price.

keirah johnson says:

my phone didnt need charge for the pass two days… it does pretty well in general.. I don't think a phone should be judged based on a single phone.. you would have to test hundreds of them at once… everyone's phone habits and their phones in general are different ..

Tj The Great says:

FUCK THIS BITCH ASS PHONE ON MY MAMA!! My shit been fucking up since day one.

MsLewis34 says:

Not being funny I haven't had a phone yet that haven't had a problems, it don't matter what carrier u get, they are bound to have problems I have the iPhone 6s Plus and I paid 829 unlocked I have had more problems with this phone then any other I have had, I also have the zte zmax from metro pcs I purchased that for 99 dollars, as well the only problem I had was it kept freezing a lot right when I was getting ready to get my new phone, so the price of a phone don't matter, cause the higher the phone more problems I got with it


the zmax pro is on T-Mobile too, i have it rn

Everything Gaming says:

um I got my zte zmax pro at t mobile wtf bruh

Loretta Toombs says:


Loretta Toombs says:

I just bought this phone yesterday and I love it!!

cesar lee james says:

just got this phone today I'm happy as hell it has a built in movie theater it's the best phone

DeShawn Brooks says:

I got mines from T-Mobile

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